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Universe (VRML)

The Failed Test of the VRML HE Universe. I have hosted locally the Universe VRML file from   link above. I could edit the links & viewpoints (House Euphrates has a viewpoint)  but all the galaxies have gone. I thought, Oh my god, where are the stars! I tried a few hacky things and still could not fix it.

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Blaxxun VRML
  IVRML Worlds
Game Building
  Our Primer
Space Sims
Aladin Sky Atlas
World Maker-1World Building Lab

Maybe I should call this Terraforming Lab?

Welcome by C D Xbow       
I have been exploring game building software and along the way I have bumped into quite a few other realms online, for instance, people who build 3D worlds for art/exploring, VRML based chat forming 'virtual communities' (sort of Runescape minus the game play, visit some of the Blaxxun sites), real world simulation of all sorts, the huge world of wonderful astrophysics software and of course many different game building communities. All these had in common the need for building a model of a world. In many cases the tool sets & methodologies overlap. So t
he idea of this page is collect together as many useful tools, links to sites and information that can help people build worlds. So to start...

 FEATURING THIS MONTH: Paper based RPG Tool and online spin offs

These tools were designed for paper based RPG and the early text based multiplayer computer RPG's. They could be used for other things and my kids seem to have fun with some of them. When you visit the sites you will notice many dead links, I guess because it is a dying game format. Lots of the tools have not been updated for a number of years. The following links lead to online tools for making maps etc that were working as of July 2006

Irony Games World Maker
Map magical terrain editors
Miniworld & more

This is software for Download but not for online use. it is very comprehensive Sci Fi world, Alien and Empire builder. It was designed to be used by paper based RPG'ers. I used it to fill in the detail for the races of the Imperium & Shogunate. The worlds it builds have thousands of planets and around 50 to 60 aliens races. The Pascal source code is available at Sourceforge.

Next month its going to be VRML or its descendant X3D. And there is also our Game Developers Guide






Irony Games' Tools

These are instant map-makers from Irony Games designed for various RPG. Many possible uses for these maps Click on the map samples below to create one of  your own. The cities is the best.
Instant Village Maker
Instant Tavern Maker
Instant City Maker
Instant Cave Room Maker
Instant Dungeon Maker
Instant Maze Maker
Oh no!!!

World Maker-1
The Isles of iG
Instant Map-Maker
Instant Clearing Maker

MapMagical terrain editors

Java Map Maker

Create your own terrain, place cities and towns, roads and rivers .This interactive map-maker creates hundreds of hexs in a matter of minutes and allows you to save them to your hard drive as a Gif.



MapMagical Terrain Editor

The MapMagical Terrain Editor lets you create 3D Worlds. This Virtual Reality software is presented free by Irony Games as long as you agree they can have a copy of your map!





Irony Games' Starmap Maker

Instant Starmap Maker

I love this one. Irony Games' Instant Starmap Maker maps out hundreds of millions of stars and trading routes between them. Pretty Neat. You click on a map of the galaxy and you go to that sector, one pixel equals one sector. They seem to run a game in this persisting universe.

Campaign Calendar Maker

Campaign Calendar Maker does all the drudge work of making a custom calendar for you. Download it to chronicle the passing days of your adventure.

Net.Generic. Adventure.Maker Net.Generic.Adventure.Maker creates an adventure with the push of a few buttons. Some assembly required. No warantee expressed or implied.




Select the Tower (dungeons and dragons) bit, here you will find where Joseph DuBois's publishes game tools he creates and shares them on the web, lots of random stuff generators eg: Generate an Item Description. Generate a NPC Description. Figure out what those gems are worth.

Planet Creation Kit This web page makes a thumbnail sketch of the different kinds of planets that you select.

Alien Planet Designer John Bray's Alien Planet Designer is a neat planet designer, however the link has been dead for a while and I have not been able to find another site. If you can find it the program gives tons of technical data on the planets it makes.