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ASCHI Chart  
Base Conversion  
Character Table Ever have a hard time remembering the "&#xx;" codes to print out certain special characters? This neat little script will print out the code and it's symbol for you!
Common Character Stripper  
Check Plugins (Netscape Only) This script will check to see if you have the Shockwave and the Quicktime plugin installed. If you plan to display Shockwave or Quicktime information on your web site, you could use this page to remind your visitors if they do or do not have the specified plugin installed. In the "success" phrase, you might put in the hyperlink to the text. Also, you can change the plugin that the JavaScript tries to detect.
Check Mimes This script will beautifully display all the mime types you have installed on the visitor's browser. For instance, this might be used to check for the Quicktime Mime before displaying the Quicktime information (Navigator only).
Directory If you were thinking about creating a searchable directory, this script can help. Just cut and paste the script, edit the appropriate directory information, and you have your own Javascript directory!
Download Time Calc  
Editor Magic one page editot which allows local saves
Html Builder Occasionally, a web page provider does not offer an HTML editor with the web site accounts they provide. If that's the case with you or if you just don't like the editor you have, you might give this JavaScript HTML Builder a whirl.
Helene Online script editor
Icq Status Do you use ICQ (I Seek You), the neatest chat program ever? ICQ offers a neat way to check through the Internet if another ICQ user is currently logged on.
Javascript/HTML Tester  
Key Enter  
Layers (Requires Netscape 4.0 or better) Here's a perfect example of Netscape's newest feature - layers. Layers can seemingly "float" objects around this screen, pictures, tables, text, etc
Meta Maker To get higher on search engines, you're going to have to use Meta Tags. If you don't know how to write them for yourself, use this JavaScript! Just enter the information about your site and it'll spit out the Meta Tags that you need to put on your pages (in the HEAD tags).
Modify Variable Removes a character from a variable's value in a string. For example, if you tell it that number equals 0.09876 and to remove the period, afterwords number equals 009876.
Refresh Sometimes, it may be necessary to forward visitors autmatically (or in a certain number of seconds) to another page. If you move to a different server, you might put this script at the old server pointing visitors to the new server.
Search This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive JavaScript search engine I have ever seen. You just put in your search term(s), select a few options, and then you have pages of search results!
Special Symbols  
Site Search How would you like a Search Engine for YOUR site? This script does exactly that. Copy the codes to your site, enter the listings information, and you've got your own site search engine!