Unlike the vast majority of the scripts these are complex applications & frameworks written in Javascript and most are made of many files. Click on the title to run.  Download the zip to your hard drive.
Book style framework Underconstruction
DHTML Help framework  zip Thought I was looking at a window help - nice DHTML framework done in a windows help style.
Editor  zip Magic one page editor which allows local saves to itself. IE ONLY
EPlanner  zip Occasionally, you get the 'How the **** did they do this in JS?' EPlanner did this when I first used it IE ONLY..
Helene  zip Online color coded script editor
Joust   zip A Javascript frame based site with a collapsible treeview pane. Site no longer exists.
Taggly Wiki zip An incredible one page wiki based on the Tiddly Wiki. Note: You need FIREFOX for the save function to work.
ZoomSite Undoubtedly the most simple & comprehensive JavaScript site builder I have ever seen. Underconstruction
Widget Library  zip The widget library is from the Gamelib library and contains nice cross browser 2D gui code.