The Script Crypt is built on the wonderful Javascript Vault compiled by David Pye

I have added a few snippets to the mighty vault and over the next few month will feature some neat code as well as looking at the fantastic Gamelib Sprite (& more) library for Javascript. I want to add a few new categories, some of the best links and more. I will leave the original scripts as is. David Pye's site is well worth a visit, not just because its Australian, but because its free with a good variety of content.

CD Xbow, Metal Commander, House Euphrates

Original Introduction to the Javascript Vault by David Pye
Welcome to the largest off-line archive of javascript source code available (As far as I know, anyway) with over 700 scripts in 17 categories.The javascripts contained within the Javascript Vault have been collected by me from many different sources on the net and are all freely available. Where possible, the author's details have been left with the scripts.
Visit the author's website!Email the author!Some of the scripts will be easy to understand, while others will require an understanding of the javascript language in order to change any values or to incorporate them into your own pages. Please do not email me asking how to work any of the scripts, if you want to know how they work then you'll need to learn a little javascript. This archive has taken me more hours than I care to remember to compile and I'm just glad it's finally finished. It is given freely to the computer community with no restrictions. Do with it whatever you will.